The Founder

Naraja, the founder of Okasion, is a woman of many talents and passions. With a background in Law and diplomas in Business, Marketing and Management. Naraja is a dedicated professional who values harmony alongside her professional growth. Inspired by her journey through motherhood, Naraja seized the opportunity during her maternity leave to embark on a new project. 

Naraja has a deep passion for fashion and a natural gift for connecting with people. Naraja's career journey began at street markets, where she excelled in understanding her customers' needs and desires. Her experiences in Australia, specializing in hospitality, business administration, and customer service, further honed her skills and knowledge. 

As the former manager of a prominent project within a leading hospitality company in Australia, Naraja gained invaluable experiences and insights that fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing from her diverse background and experiences, she founded Okasion - a platform that celebrates artisans and empowers women. 

Okasion is not just a brand; it's a movement dedicated to supporting and empowering women. It serves as a sanctuary where women can embrace their true selves, cultivate confidence, and learn to appreciate their worth. Through Okasion, Naraja aims to strengthen connections, showcase incredible work by talented yet undiscovered professionals, and foster a community where self-love and empowerment flourish.


    Women’s Empowerment: Fostering inner strength, confidence, and self-worth in every woman we serve.

    Cultural Essence: Honouring Brazil’s rich heritage by showcasing the creativity of local designers.

    Self-Care and Well-being: Encouraging self-care as a vital aspect of vitality and energy.

    Authenticity and Individuality: Celebrating each woman’s unique style with grace and elegance.

    Connection and Inspiration: Creating a supportive environment for women to connect, inspire, and explore new paths with positivity and vitality.

    Respect and Ethics: Valuing and respecting every individual, customer, and artisan with the highest ethical standards and integrity.

    Commitment and Honesty: Ensuring excellence, satisfaction, and transparency in all interactions and operations.

    Agility and Quality: Adapting to change trends, prioritizing quality in all products and services.

    Transparency and Sustainability: Emphasizing transparency in processes, pricing, and communication, while committing to sustainable practices and environmental initiatives.

    These refined statements capture the essence of Okasion. Highlighting the brand’s commitment to empowering women, promoting authenticity, and fostering a supportive community.

    The Fusion

    The Great Fusion: "Oca," meaning "burrow" in Portuguese, symbolizing the indigenous habitation in Brazil, and "occasion," representing the space of all possibilities, gives rise to 'Okasion'. This name embodies a deeper significance—a space of liberation to embrace and express your true self, infused with the ancestral energy of my birth country, where it all began.